The little boy and my divided life…

As a young mom, my life would get overwhelming at times and I felt like I was divided into pieces by the end of the day. You know the feeling, right? Too many jobs, too few hours. One thing I learned early on is to see myself as the boy who shared his lunch. As he presented what little he had it multiplied into a meal that fed thousands along with baskets of leftovers.  So before the hustle and bustle of life began each morning, I would remember that one thing. “Here I am Lord. Not much to work with but you have all of me.”  I was determined to make my heart and my home a welcome place for His presence and trust Him to multiply my meager offerings into a  meal that would feed many. That was over 35 years ago. Since that time we have been honored to feed hundreds  at our table, spiritually and physically. Give  him your lunch and then get ready to set a few more place settings! Your divided-in-pieces life will suddenly be overflowing with leftovers.


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